Sunday, November 14, 2010

Founder: Maddi Vegas

 My name is Maddi Vegas. Ya know, like the city, I suppose. If only I lived up to my name! I live in a crummy apartment, correction! my brother's crummy apartment. As if I could afford one. 
 This is my brother, Tristan. I don't have the best relationship with him, but we're family, so we have to stick together. He's hardly every home; he's always been the heartbreaker of the family. So I guess the city life suits him. 
So here's a picture that I took when I got off the subway to live here. It's such a small portion of the city, you can't even get a glimpse of how big it is unless you lived here yourself. 
We weren't living in the best of situations, but I had to make it work for now. 


  1. Hi! This sounds good!

  2. Not a bad start :)
    I'll be reading more.

    ~DReamer32910~ from the sims 3 forums :)

  3. this sounds really good :)