Sunday, November 14, 2010


 I was watching a particularly interesting episode of Glee on the worst television you could possibly imagine, all small, with the goofy little antennas sticking out the top. It looked like something from the '70's. Couldn't Tristan afford better? The TV was really ruining the TV show. 
 Tristan sat on the couch and gave me one of his fake smiles, one I recognized swiftly from my childhood. He wanted me to do something, probably something I really didn't want to do. I smiled briskly back at him.

"I know I'm letting you stay here until you get on your feet and all," he started, "but isn't gaining some sort of income would help... move things along?" 

 "Would you quit worrying? I'll get a job, and all that jazz, just let me relax a little first." Truth was, I just really didn't want to get off my ass and DO something. I was feeling particularly at ease and comfortable with being lazy.
"Maddi, I know you need my help, but I need my own space too, and the sooner you get out the better! Get up and get a job, I'm not going to be your push over." 
 I was stunned. Never had I expected Tristan to get angry with me--he was normally so even-tempered. But I knew he was right, and I didn't want to be kicked out, so I called for a cab.
 I dropped out from high school when I was sixteen, so I didn't have enough education to do much more than solve a few equations. It was near impossible to get a job at my level of education, so I settled with the abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of town. I figured if I was going to fit it anywhere, it would be here.

Time was going to go by slow, and with the tension at Tristan's apartment, I needed to get out of there soon.  


  1. I won't be able to post long critique posts, since your storie doesn't have a whole lot of text. However, i do like the imperfections you highlight in your founder. Being a dropout and what not, rather then making your character a Mary Sue. Other then that really, a short chapter, so a short critique.

    Good start though

    - Montana

  2. its good so far..u are really good at taking screenshots

  3. Love the series.... its pretty amazing! Reading the rest now!!