Saturday, February 12, 2011


The stars lean down to kiss you,
And I lie awake and miss you,
Pour me a heavy dose of atmosphere.
Cuz I'll dose off safe and soundly,
But I'll miss your arms around me,
I'd send a postcard to ya, dear,
Cuz I wish you were here!
Say hello to my cousin, Kayo. Kayo's a bit quirky and fun, I've heard, and I sure hope it's true as I'll be living here with her. I left Bridgeport and my family behind in search for a more quiet life, and even though my mother begged me to continue our legacy where it began, I knew I couldn't stay there any longer.
 This is the lovely apartment complex she lives in. It looks so traditional and cozy, I could see myself living here for a good amount of time. 
 Kayo had decorated the apartment, of course, to her tastes, it being her home. I was in love with what she had done to it, it was so much different from my mother's style. 
She let me decorate my own room, for which I was grateful for. I kept the green I had in my room ever since I could remember, with my music CD's and magazines lying all over the place. It was a big mess, but for me, it was a pretty organized mess. 
 "So," Kayo said enthusiastically, "Have any thoughts on what you wanna do now that you're here?"
 "Not real sure. I think being a cop would be pretty fun."
 "Well, Riverview's a pretty sleepy town," Kayo pointed out. "I know a guy that works there, it shouldn't be hard to get you that job."
 "That'd be great, Kayo. I really appreciate it."
 "You're gonna really love me after you see who I brought over!"
She led me over to the front of the apartment, giggling with excitement. I practically had to run to keep up with her.

 And there, standing right in front of me, of was Darian. I never thought I would see him again, and he looked so much older!  I nearly squealed at the sight of him.
"Oh, I just knew you'd love it! I just knew it!"
And I did. I loved it. He smiled at me and said, "Noel, come here outside, I'd like to talk with you."
 But there was never any talking.
 What Darian had rejected me with all of my teen years, he had finally accepted now. 


  1. Noel and Darian are adorable <3 :D

  2. Oh lawd, I know right? I aged Darian up and I was like BAM. XD

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