Saturday, January 29, 2011

1.11// HEIR VOTE

 I should have known he would come to me in my sleep. It should have been a given.
 In my dream, there was virtually nothing, just a large expanse of complete nothingness. I looked about frightened; the dream was all too vivid for it to possibly be a dream.
 Whilst I was thinking these thoughts, before my eyes from the nothingness appeared Brian. Ghastly and crude.
 "You did this to me!" He declared. "I had a whole future ahead of me. And now I'm dead. All because of you."

I stared into his white eyes and said, "I know. I know it, and I'm so terribly sorry, Brian."

"Sorry?! You're sorry?! Well that's just great. You're sorry, and I'm dead. Seems like a great deal to me."

"Brian... really. I am. But you can't do this this. I have kids uphold. They can't know what I've done."
"Maddi," he began. "I didn't come here to argue with you. I came here to end this. Permanently. I know I'm dead, and anything I do won't change that. Besides, I would never cause any harm to you, and especially not to your family. I just wanted to tell you that I forgive you. I really do."
"I really am sorry, Brian."

 "I know..."
 I awoke feeling mentally, emotionally, and physically drained. Indeed, I felt better, as if The Voices had finally lifted from me. As if so much burden had been lifted from me.

But where would it head?
Hiya there, folks. I know, it was a shortie, but I really wanted to wrap this generation up. 

Heir vote can be found here.


  1. Just found this and got caught up. Love it!

    I vote Noel as she is super cute.

    Maybe you could check my legacy out:


  2. I was a little late on the voting but I voted for

    P.S. The reason I picked Darian to win the Honeycutt character casting call was mostly I think due to his sexy eyes but when I uploaded him, he didn't have those eyes. Am I missed something? Perhaps some contacts that weren't downloaded?

  3. I'm super late at replying to the both of you!

    Sarah, thanks for reading! But alas, I've already been following the Starr legacy for a while now! I love your legacies. ;)

    Sundancer, I've replied to your question in my comment box. :)