Saturday, December 4, 2010


 I had been thinking about it a lot. Quite a bit.
 Brian or Levi? Levi or Brian? Or just screwing the whole relationship thing entirely.... no risks means no pain.

But some things you just know. Just.... yearn for. You can't let go of it, and you can't control it. It lashes out and does what it wants, and you just have to go with it.
 And that was Levi. Levi was everything I could ever imagine and more, and that sounds so cheesy, I know. But there seemed to be nothing else without him. Levi was the star I orbited around, that let me live. 
 It's strange how you can live your entire life without knowing a person, and you can live that way. But once you meet them, life jerks to a stop. The first reaction is shock. A shock so incredible that it hurts, even more so when it's gone. Then you give in. And you're enveloped in a shroud of happiness, and it's all you can see.
 And I,

I was his.