Sunday, December 5, 2010


 I never really cared to have a family. I had always told myself that I would be fine riding solo, and I didn't need anyone to support me. I thought Levi proved that wrong, but it wasn't him that proved it to me. It was Noel. My precious Noel. 
 Babies had forever seemed disgusting too me, and they always seemed to cry too much. But everything she did made my heart melt. To the way she ate, to the way she spoke complete nonsense, even to the way she cried.
Sometimes, I just stared at her in complete admiration. She seemed to be my carbon copy, except for the fact that she had her father's skintone. She was a heavy little sleeper, which I suppose was good for us. She slept all night, and most of the morning. Not only that, but she was also very brave. She was already beginning to walk, and was getting into everything around the house.
Levi thought Noel was simply a delight. When he wasn't working, he was ooh-ing and coo-ing with little Noel. He rarely had any time to himself, he was constantly balancing out work, Noel, and myself. He was an impeccable, father, this was true. 
 Levi built dry wall to make Noel a room; which I was not very happy with considering it meant taking space off of our room. His paranoia led him to install two windows just to make sure she was okay, and placed the bed at an angle to where he could see her at any portion of the night. Which I guess meant that she could see us, so we had to cut out a "certain activity" for the time-being. Or I darned hope it's the time being. 
In the meantime, the evil side of me was feeling a bit neglected, so I decided to call up Brian. 

He wouldn't suspect a thing.


  1. Omfg. Looooves it.

    THE FLUFF must die, yanno.

  2. gimme, gimme more!

  3. Wah! I love it :D And I'm ohhhhh so excited to see what happens with this Brian call

  4. Noel is such a breath taker. :)

  5. Love it! More please! (:

  6. I am use to fury's really long chapters but this legacy is keeping me interested. :D