Sunday, January 9, 2011

"What! This is not chapta!"

Yes, yes, I know. :)

What I have to say is related to the poll.

I have noticed that you say the chapters are short, and I'm working on that.

What I need to know is: How much longer do you want them?

Simple question, eh? M'kay. =D


  1. i use a guide when i make my stories....20 + pics a chapter and i try to say more than a sentence for most. i dont know if that helps. by all means you dont have to do it exactly like me. im no expert. :)

  2. Haha, I can give it a go! Believe me, I realize they're short. I do believe I have trouble telling the story I want to tell in a longer context.

    I need to work on that! :P

  3. I suggest taking MORE pictures of one scene, and it will seem like more pictures, and a bit more told out :)

  4. That's actually a great idea! Thanks, Alex!

  5. I love that your chapters are so short :)